- Acting for film & TV, School of dramatic arts de Trap  (2019/2021)

- Strasberg method by Andre Landzaat, Mulholland Academy (2018/2019)

- Scene study by Alex Murphy, Mulholland Academy         (2018/2019)

- On camera acting by Alex Murphy, Mulholland Academy    (2018/2019)

- Preliminary acting training, FAAAM                     (2018)

Special skills:

Language: Dutch (native), English, Flemish

Accents: Dutch, UK standard, US standard

Music: Guitar (electric & Acoustic), beatboxing

Vehicle: Driver's license, motorcycle license

Sports: Parkour & freerunning, amateur racecar driver, ice skating


Height: 5ft11 / 180cm

Weight: 67kg / 147lb

Hair: Dark brown 

Eyes: Blue grey

Build: Slim

Playing age: 25 - 35

Geoffrey Alkemade headshot 2-12-2021.png
Side profile by Rory Lewis

Film                                Role                                  Producer/Director

Atlantikwall (short 2021)           Hans (supporting lead)                Wisemenfilm / Oskow Bayhan

Not good enough (short 2021)        George Leclerc (supporting)           B.u.a.s / Anuskia van Samson

Zussen (feature 2021)               Alexander Woods (lead)                de Trap /  Sytske van der Ster

Ratjetoe (short 2020)               James (lead)                          de Trap / Erik van 't Wout

Experiment 14 (short 2020)          Durand Hartman (lead)                 Dutch Filmers Academy / Tijs Bruins

Vengeful 7 (feature 2020)           Jan van Outeren (lead)                Doorneden prod / Tristan van Doorn

Bourgeois Absolutie (short 2019)    Student 1 (supporting)                Dice prod / Jorrit Bouwmans

The stolen toys (short 2018)        Agent Timmie (supporting)             BL prod / Niels van Groffen

Love grows inside me (short 2018)   Boyfriend (supporting)                GR Academy / Nadia Tjamini

Prey (feature 2016)                 Journalist (supporting)               Dick Maas & Co / Dick Maas


A series of Unbreakable (pilot)     Luke (lead)                           Orangelabelfilms / Mario Dirkx

Morten (episode 3 2019)             Banker (supporting)                   AVROTROS, NPO / Jean van der Velde


AP course (infomercial 2019)        Presenter                             Springstofmedia / Coen Mulder

AED (commercial 2019)               Neighborhood member                   Hartstichting

IQ Drive (commercial 2018)          Ladiesman                             WEB NL / Yannick Commereuc

Hitachi (commercial 2018)           Facemodel                             Hitachi / Mamascreen


The Big Al (one act play 2020)      Ricky (co-lead)                       Gogoheart Film&stage / Alex Murphy

REX (shortplay 2019)                Erik (lead)                           Mulholland Academy / Alex Murphy

The Understudy (shortplay 2019)     Harry (supporting)                    Mulholland Academy / Alex Murphy

Heat (shortplay 2019                Vincent Hannah (lead)                 Mulholland Academy / Andre Landzaat

Closer (shortplay 2019)             Dan (lead)                            Mulholland Academy / Andre Landzaat

Magnolia (shortplay 2018)           Lawyer (supporting)                   Mulholland Academy / Alex Murphy

The Glass Menagerie (2018)          Jim O'Connor (supporting)             Mulholland Academy / Andre Landzaat